The hard life

I remember well the agony
My swollen feet as tortured as the Christ
How could I think well when this struck me?

The boss was never prone to Charity.
Unlike Jesus I would never rise
I  remember well that agony

My mind was absent I could barely see.
I could not get away unless I died
How could I think well when this struck me?

I laughed when I read that all men are free.
They did not know that everyone will lie
I remember formless agony

I should have crawled away,I could not be
Why did I not find a better guide
How could I think well when this struck me?

How did I exist as murdered bride
The  spear invisible in my own side.
I think that most good people would agree
The world was never made for folk like me

Going to uni cured my chilblains

Dead cat needs no food

Do you have health issues.If your parents were poor you got a full grant.Then I could afford decent shoes and study in centrally heated library

If you hope to do this you may know that getting a grant big enough to live on is no longer possible

You even have to pay fees

However the library is still warm.

Or do a shameful deed and you will get a hot flush.

No it’s not just the menopause!

You are not very poor if prt1

My photo taken with my phone

You eat more than one kind of cheese.

You eat the best bread in the shops

You have 2 pairs of shoes

You have eggs and bacon for breakfast

Each of the family has his own bedroom ( not under the stairs)

Your cat won’t catch mice as it is well fed by you.

You have a gaming computer

You take several holidays a year not including your garden or the park as holiday venues.

If you don’t agree be polite

What to eat if you are poor

My hand

Potato peel soup g


Cheapskate cook see link above

  • 2 tbsp butter or oil
  • 1 cup onion, chopped
  • 1 cup carrots, chopped (optional)
  • 1 1/2 cups potato peels, (

This is a genuine recipe but how much food value does it have?

If you use milk as part of the liquid it helps even more

If you can afford cheese to grate over your soup it adds protein

On the other hand if you can afford milk and cheese and you have some pasta why not make

Macaroni Cheese

And just have potato peel soup for a lighter hot meal.

Can we use carrot peel?

Probably but I have not seen a recipe.