My phone doesn’t mind

By Katherine with Microsoft Paint

Mary had a good sleep and after waking stretched like a cat, slowly and long

She phoned Annie.

Who is this,Annie asked?

It’s me Mary.
You don’t sound like Mary

Don’t you store numbers on your phone.

I have enough storage problems without keeping numbers.My wardrobes are packed

You don’t need a wardrobe, they are stored on the phone

Well the phone is too small to put much into it and I can’t see a little door to open

Good grief! Don’t you know the phone has a memory?

Don’t tell me they have brains

So do they have minds? What will they think of me after hearing what I say? j hope they can’t speak

For goodness sake get back into bed and get out on the other side.i don’t need all this in the morning.

Tough.You can’t control me.


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