Chapter 2. Was their voice too loud?

Mary was not with Annie.She had been arrested She had tried to order a Spanish Omelette in

a Chinese restaurant The owner had suffered shock on hearing Mary’s voice and had passed out.

Did you hope to injure this man?

Of course not.I was very hungry so I sounded urgent.

You nearly wet yourself,the policeman said

How can you nearly wet yourself she murmured like a thunderstorm on Hellvellyn.

Either you wet or you don’t wet, she continued.

As far as others see.but you may have had to use those muscles to control your bladder.

I suppose that could be measured but is it worth it?

No, said the man.better to use it to buy a book.

So who is your favourite author

Tim Parkes he been informed her.

Who is yours?

I shall let you know

And so shall all of us.

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