Power and dementia

I read that people who have dementia may be in a place where they are not receiving enough attention,

And it’s true

I see the underlying belief namely that we are in control of our speech and behaviour despite that we know how people react must be linked to where they live and which part of their country they live in

You call it the context of their life and we are all affected by this.People trapped in Ukraine will have feelings different from ours in the UK

It’s a bit like the frame of a picture.Some make it look much better.

That’s how retiring from work we enjoy can make us feel like a different person.

So we may need to do new things and maybe meet new people to build a structure again

I meant to comment on demented people shouting

It’s not all their fault it’s their context.

Anyone at all might shout if they endured the situation of these sufferers.

It also occurs to me that what other people do we think they do deliberately but judging outselves we we are kinder as we know fatigue, grief,getting out of the wrong side of the bed can make us say or do thoughtless things


Power is at the root of it and they have so little power except being a nuisance

I notice some have penetrating voiced and uncanny crying like a baby with an adult larynx

There was one in the hospital but the voice had no individuality.They each sound like the others.

Can it be the animal cry that

predates speech? 

I heard one say to a nurse

If only I could be normal for one  hour

Katherine 4 May 2022

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