Until rhyme

Apples by Katherine

What do you think of B.J ?

He is truly a man of the people.

Which people.?

He is very cunning

Like all snakes.

He went to Oxford..n

Anyone can go


The train from Paddington

It seems expensive now

Its cheaper than paying fees.

Anything is.

Except buying a house!!

BJ is a disgrace to our country

Like Oswald Mosley wasn’t

I feel ashamed to be English

You aren’t English

What a relief.Maybe I can reclaim Denmark

Did God promise that to your ancestors?


Why not

They worshipped boats

That was short sighted

They could not read or write

How ridiculous.Here even children can read and write

They talked instead.

How civilised

How gracious

How tenacious

How audacious

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