An eye for a world

Look at this world with a glassy eye

Are you a hieroglyph?

Write with a pin and ink

There’s no face like home.

Where is your watch? In my eye.

Bloggers can’t be losers

I don’t want to gather moss.

A perfectly smooth ball exists only in the mind.

What is applied wrath anyway?

If not applied you burst.

I’d love to fly in a monsoon.

How large is the human mind?

Compared to what?

The mind of God?

Don’t be foolish,bow down.

Are you not an atheist?

I can’t say.But bow down anyway


Listen I am your best fiend.

I only said it for your own good

I was always presilient

I never put the phone down on you.I left it on the table

You only got Xmas Lard because you are no good at fidgeting.

You want to have light pairs?

I am only a bully because you have no power

I like being digressive

Stop the progressive derision.

Your voice is insightful.

Your eyes break love all day.