Praise these creatures in the grime

Winter weather, frost, dark sky,
See white geese and silver stars.
Two cooing doves with collars red,
Are watching out for seeded bread.

From the sun, low in the sky,
Light falls slantwise to my eyes.
Trees bud, though invisibly,
Nothing that our eyes can see.

Bulbs shoot up from dark cold soil
Where worms and beetles quietly toil.
We take for granted air and sky,
Love the birds we see fly by.

But who can love the worms and slugs
And those creatures we call bugs?
So in our dark cold winter time,
Praise these creatures in the grime.

Without these worms, our crops would die.
No cornfields for us to lie,
Amidst the poppies’   wild red  blooms.
So we forget all winter’s gloom

Praise the snails and bees and ants
For these and spiders, let’s give thanks.
As the lightness needs the dark,
From darkness come life-giving sparks.

Enrich darkness with our gifts.
Look not always to the swift.
Slow and patient like these worms,
Nature’s lowness is my theme

Most sensuous, most tangled with love’s grace

Could it be despair that held me tight
in the wintry evening and the night
I could not see a way to carry on
Everything was wrong and I was done

I saw great blackness all around myself
I could not be restored, I had no health
I had reached the end of seeking aid
G-d alone knew all the coins were paid

Inexplicable, the golden light
That made a sweet shawl round me on that night
Impressing me with kindness and goodwill
Holding me until I ‘d had my fill
Most sensuous, most tangled with love’s grace
Surrounding me, protecting my lost face
As if the arms of love were something real
That anyone who knew this must reveal

Only if we reach the,lowest point
Will the force of Love with light annoint