Like loss

By Katherine

I can’t live without you any more

It’s lonely in the kitchen cold in bed

You left me with a hole inside my mind

I can’t fill the hole with books I’ve read

Come back to me,come back to me, come back.

It’s only your eyes looking that I lack

I think I hear the door close and the click

The cats purr on,the candle burns its wick

Now I walk on crutches since I fell

If this is heaven tell me what is hell?


If there are no beds you will be nursed in a chair Britain’s got hospital problems. Like no beds,no nurses,no ideas, Take me home, doctor.

There are not be enough young people here. Let them have babies

Volunteer to die for your country.Get double pneumonia and triple your chances

Learn to cheat death by being very healthy.Eat multi coloured food.See the good in every fling