The empty flat

Photo with colours inverted by Katherine

I looked round but the place was empty

No furniture,except the blue kitchen units

Nice, I thought just right for one

The black tiled floor gleamed in the dawn sunlight

But it doesn’t seem right

Where are our books?

I can’t remember the house

Is he there?

I have lost him

Misplaced him

He would never have left me

I can’t find his image in my mind

He has evaporated,the hot sun stole him

Not even a shadow remains.

What Loss

What disintegration

Where do I go from here?


By Katherine

More of a derrière

Scores to worry her.

Whores will ferry her

Stories to message her.

Victoria savaged where?

Dons to scarify

I hoard carriage bears

Lore of Lancashire

Core of austerity

Door of prosperity

Flora He married her

She was a bull terrier

That was the barrier.

It could have been eerier

Even hysteria.

Living in fear of her

I like blue wisteria

Not in the interior

How do you feel,wearier?

I saw Mother Superior

Touch me

My tree

Holding hands in the dark

Helps us when we cannot talk

Touching, holding, being there

Gives us strength so we can bear

The heavy load,the angst, the care

The holy dove,the hands of love

Down below, up above

Grasp my body, hold me tight

Through the nightmares,give me light

Comfort me, we’re not alone

In the darkness be my home