Putty like a mac

By Katherine

The trèe gave up before the night began

As if on feeling there had been a ban

The sky was rosy beige but not enough

The artist had no interest in the brush

The shape is like a bow but long ànd thin

It don’t look like nobody can win.

Now the sky is putty like my Mac

The trees are falling over looking black

The sun ungracious took its fàce away

We will see no more of it todày

Religion is good manners

By Katherine 2013 digital art

Be polite and do not kill your friend

Share your food with others every day

Do not gossip,spite is not profound

Share your sorrows and let comfort stay

Treat the poor respectfully and well

Do not steal a woman with a gun

The poor live close to God so there be still

Do not cause ill feelings hating men

It’s all about good manners I perceive

Do not spoil our sojourn with your greed