Swallow my words

What is that animal on your head?

Most people call it hair

Why are you writing?

So you will go away

Is that sarcastic?

No,just sincere

Why are you so horrible?

God never said.

Surely you were not born to be rude

It seemed a good idea at the time.

What time?

Ask your clock.

We don’t talk to the clock

There is always a first time.

Do you eat coke?

No I drink it.

I just don’t know what to say

Then keep quiet,please.

I can’t keep quiet

Then I might lose my temper.

I don’t care

The door is in the hall.

Shall I take it ?

It’s hard to swallow a door.

Just leave it.

It’s rude.

So are you.

Abuse in France

Boris Johnson is a Catholic

So was Hitler

Catholic priests can’t marry

It’s cheaper to let them abuse children

But most men don’t have any Desire for abusing children

Makes me wonder,,. ,.,,…..

Don’t tell me that’s why they be became priests?

At least Hitler didn’t go to Church.Likely he’d have burned those to.Who wants to risk of being condemned from the pulpit?

Except they did not speak out.