No cobbles stones

There are no cobbles in the back street now.

No grass grows in the cracks

No frogs in pools,no yellow weeds

i wish we could go back.

The cat would sit beside the gate

She killed the budgie how we cried

Now I am so lonely here

Some times I wish I’d died.

My brother clambered up high walls

I watched him from below

i admired his bravery

Now I am alone

Google Street View is too clear

There are none left here for me

No party happened

It was not a party.It was MI 5 in a play wearing disguises.

It was some tourists who got lost.

It was Boris’s extended family front Turkey.

It was an illusion.Or delusion.

I never noticed any one in the garden They need rape alarms.

The Downing St Murders.

It was a lot of patients from A and E looking for beds.

It was a ghost meeting.

It was the Resurrection of the Dead Jokes

See home and defy

A botched plot never fails

Who is she?The cat’s another.

Too much veracity killed the plot.

Where are today’s Falklands?

What is wrong with World Cruise?

Why not spend half term in Estonia?

They used to say, see Rome and die.Now see Kviv. Don’t fly.Try a war ship with Russian menu.

Yes you will be the star of the school gate parents!