Who is native to olde England ?

The Celts were pushed far westward or were banned.

The ancient Britons vanished,so we understand

No doubt  killed by sword or kill ed by hand

So who was left alive to procreate?

The fearsome Vikings standing by the gate?

The Spanish sailors wrecked and full of hate.

The Normans came with a weak claim to state

And many refugees who tempted fate.

So do not show your cruel face or your rage.

Who are we to put men in a cage ?

A comma makes you British 2

My tree. Katherine copyright

I can’t pass the written English exam for immigrants because I rarely use punctuation marks.They annoy me

But it you were born here it is alright.Is that fair?

There’s many a comma twixt failure and success

If you don’t know, you will just have to guess

You may get it right, you may get it wrong.

Put that new comma right where it belongs