Oh flat screen television

Oh television with flat screen

I think you know what I have seen
I won’t confess my media sins

Watching Charlton Heston wins.

I watch the horses and the dogs

Gambling though my mind’s befogged

Losing money in this way

My mate has sold me on eBay
Here we have more large TVs

No doubt brought from Overseas.

We have gold and silver too

Older windows phones still new.

The Plays we see where people swear

Do we no longer have our cares?

Children watch as folk have sex

Maybe busy with their text

Then someone takes an overdose

Pills and Brandy, what bad taste.

Watching tennis on TV

Handsome men do it for me

I forget that I am old

No longer a young woman bold

I did not need to flirt before

I feel shy ,though I’m a whore

I charge little, so am poor

I went to Iceland for a cure

I saw the advert on TV.

I love penguins,I love you


short-eared durham owl
meditating over the dale’s edge,
shadows the fields and folds in elegant diurnal flight.
on windside,careful sight may swoop to prey and away.

your yellow broad-eyed look, at once both sharp and distant, holds me.
oh,silence, oh ,wind on green,
oh. earth, sky.

immense your held vision,
sphere without centre,
pied geometer of flight, s
ketch your descent and ascent.

trees bunched by dry stone wall
call heart home.

The ancient virtues,patience and restraint

You stabbed my heart when I was left alone
Telling me my writing was like porn
Now you give me nightmares,  be my pest
We all need one or two,and  you confessed

My writing is so  bad, you  envy not
Did I hit you  on a painful spot?
If others have a gift, that is their call
You have yours , get out a net and trawl

Ambivalent  in love which turns to hate
We wound ourselves in making this our fate
Talking  overmuch lets such thoughts out
As tea will  pour down from a  tilted spout

The ancient virtues,patience and restraint
Shall be our wise protectors when distraught

Ode to a lightbulb

Oh,light bulb foreseen by our God
Save us all from darkness’ rod
You are our Saviour as foretold
In prophecy by ancients bold.
We will worship you at night
When sunken is the sun so bright.
We’ll watch TV and Kindle fire
No more to play shall we aspire.
We’ll wear ourselves out watching screens,
As from a can we eat baked beans
We’ll send for pizzas with our phones
With which we never feel alone.
We might talk to our partner dear
Though texting is much easier.
We see the neon street lights gleam
Where once we saw the moon’s cold beams
And in bed we read our books
With a kindle or a nook
We put beneath out pillows fair
I phones which we long to hear
Can one have too much new light?
From technology some take flight
For gone are seasons, and their fruit
As our computer we reboot.
New potatoes all year round
Avocados once quite rare
Now seen almost everywhere
.Melons,grapes and fresh green peas
As the birds sing,life’s a breeze.
Oh light bulbs,fluorescent tubes
Electric candle, light is cubed.
We thank you for extended days
Maybe we’ll find time for prayers.
God is great in mystery
No light bulb can help us see.
In silence,darkness, meditate
Wonder what will be our fate.
As retribution for our wrong
Satan stabs us with his prongs
He needs no more light in hell
The fiery furnace cooks as well!