Oh flat screen television

Oh television with flat screen

I think you know what I have seen
I won’t confess my media sins

Watching Charlton Heston wins.

I watch the horses and the dogs

Gambling though my mind’s befogged

Losing money in this way

My mate has sold me on eBay
Here we have more large TVs

No doubt brought from Overseas.

We have gold and silver too

Older windows phones still new.

The Plays we see where people swear

Do we no longer have our cares?

Children watch as folk have sex

Maybe busy with their text

Then someone takes an overdose

Pills and Brandy, what bad taste.

Watching tennis on TV

Handsome men do it for me

I forget that I am old

No longer a young woman bold

I did not need to flirt before

I feel shy ,though I’m a whore

I charge little, so am poor

I went to Iceland for a cure

I saw the advert on TV.

I love penguins,I love you