Wind her up

Daddy’s dead.Daddy”s dead

Mother’s  lost her motor

Wind her up with her big key

Mother don’t you hate her?

He got away, he did she said

Now she has no motor

She gave us sugar on our bread

Sandwich, butter,sugar.

She said she wished that she were dead

I could hardly guess a word she said

In her grave she would be laid.

No more a wife,no more a maid

How to save her children five

Mourn with the sorrowing mother.

She cleared the ash and cleaned the grate

Iit the fire and burned with hate

Oh.mother.mother,we are late

Don’t burn us up,we are your fate

Grieve with us, oh, Mammy

Wind her up,wind her up,my brother.

She may be sad she may be dead

She is still our Mother

Once she was a happy lass

Climbed up from the gutter.

She played Chopin then but never again

Wail for the single mother.

With children five can she survive?

Pray for the lonely widow.

God took all her joy and more

I don’t knock on a church door

Satan’s coming with the score

Come ye back,oh Mammy