Where is my sinner?

Your dinner is on page 27.

Your dinner was eaten by a fox

Your leather handbag has tooth bites Who is it,?

We have no potatoes so I am leaving you.

I burned the pans so I have gone back to , Mother’s.

Mother’s boyfriend, to be precise.

The milkman needed me more than you do.So there!

I hid your dinner in the piano

The cats found it and also ate the strings.

I have ordered a pizza.Text me when it comes.Ta

Would you like cauliflower cheese without the cauliflower?

Or without the cheese?

Don’t bite the pullet

He suffered from botanic disorder for tears

His brother befriended Horror Know Us

Mother was my guest for months at a time.

Father escaped from prison before he said one sentence let alone a paragraph

Others were too polite to say they were flying

I am afraid of harpies the virus.

Should I blush don’t stare

My bubble was square.Am I an addict? To what ? To woo be who?