My wife

Digital image by Katherine

My wife is unfaithful

Oh dear

She sleeps with me to annoy her boyfriend

Do you mind?

Well I gave up minding

Should you get divorced?

A good idea.She can be even more unfaithful.

You have an unusual mind.

It’s not difficult if you marry the right kind of woman

The wrong type, one might say

I talke your point

Where to?

Don’t tell me you have schizophrenia as well

Is that a sin?

How many times have you toyed with her?

She seems hard to penetrate.

Choose, your wife or schizophrenia

Why such black and white thinking

Is she Chinese?

No but I am

Musings at dawn

The purple mauve of morning fades away

The sky is soft pale blue,the sun is high

My light reflected in the melting dark

Looked like sunshine soft yet strangely stark

Then the light went out and I felt dim.

I cannot see but that is not a sin

I drank more tea and mused upon my life

Good and evil, fighting in the light

Let Love be strong and further love incite