Do not die my catheter is dry

I caught the tube for urine on my toe

The catheter is hurting more and more

I want to run away but I can’t walk

Mother take me home, it’s getting dark

I paid my monthly phone bill with a card

I must talk to friends when life is hard

I never thought I’d live to be so old

My chilblains disappeared, it’s not so cold

How I suffered as a little child

My brother was aggressive,he was wild

Recently he died, he got away

I miss him, I forgave him for those days

We both missed Daddy, how can Daddies die?

God is stranger than a mother’s


I don’t like God nor calculating Pi

I should have studied music it was Gay

Dancing on the. Altar we decay.

The Holy Spirit’s fled in disarray

The little flowers

Don’t tread on the little flowers

in Katyn Forest

Fed with the blood of 20,000 unarmed men or roughly

Shot to bring àbout Utopia

How can good come out of evil?

How can force bring about love

How can the dead rise again?

God was absent already

Before the Holocaust

Before Stalingrad

Before Dresden

Before we aborted the inconvenient

Before the priest said Mass

Before we bit the Host

Before love waned

Before our eyes faded

We saw nothing until the bomb dropped

And he said, let there be light

We must not

Affected by the atmosphere of strain

We fear to ask for what we need

Yet life goes by and will not come again

Affected by the mists of all the pain

We must not turn to crime nor torture,maim

Let hope come down like clear sweet summer rain

Be innocent of eye for what we read

Affected by the atmosphere of strain

We defer our own demands or even needs

The face that was familiar

The face that was familiar is no more
Yet in my dreams ,he is alive again
If ,by a chance, his life could be restored
It would affect me like the hidden chord
Which played, my own life force would go.
That one must live and one must die is plain
The face that was familiar is no more.
Yet in my dreams ,he is alive again