My cat died

Feeling the sadness in my heart
and in my arms a tender feeling
as if the flesh is calling out;

My breath’s coming in gasps and
my throat makes a murmur
as if trying to speak.

Sensitive skin on my inner arms yelps
and my heart aches like
I’ve run too many miles .
My legs feel strong
My mouth is dry and my back
needs an arm around it
for protection.
My eyes are wet with the moisture
that might have made saliva.

My cat died
Then you died.

Ashamed of child murder at home

Who can murder children with such ease

Reading makes my hot blood turn to freeze

Lack of helpers, children left to lose

Social Workers miss the crucial cues

How many other toddlers are abused

If they are not killed, they miss the News

Think on that before you go to bed

Children give off clues which are not read

It is our business, we cànnot ignore

The paucity of help,the closed front door.