A tonic


A blog is a guide’s best friend

He has no best fiend yet

She drowned their worries in a sing song

A fog got them in the bend

She frowned in a bath of cold water

Where is the Curse this morning?

Be patient with us

I got here first but why?

We are understaffed, full of idiots and believe in euthanasia How are you?

.I believe in sudden wrath

He flew onto a page.

She had a clinic attack ,It was the doctor

I am lying

So am I

The time of weeping

My blood by Katherine

The endless sobs, the weeping with loud voice

Noone would live here by choice

The families cannot bear the mother’s pain

So they send them here the sense is plain

How do Carers paid the lowest wage

Replace the family who have disengaged?

Yet the old are selfish in their whines .

They drive away their child so many times

Love must have conditions it’s no game

Before you age remember this fact plain


The tree’s pale branches turn again to red

Lately they’ve been pale yet they are not dead

The Covid winter did the same to us

Yet we shall brighten too we be are not cursed

There is no God who punishes like this

Though we have gone wrong we seek new paths

But men will fight engendering new wrath

Murder hate and rage can grip our hearts

Even in the home, fly poisoned darts

One changed person,one new life

Can lead many others out of strife.

God on Zoom

Oh God I’m feeling frantic in my room

I wish to pray, Lord are you yet on Zoom?

if you need a laptop I like Dell

Don’t appear too bright,I’m in a cell

I stole some cash and alcohol as well.

Now they’re  going to put me on the pill

Is it contraception I don’t know

I am schizophrenic ,what a blow.

I am having therapy long term

Don’t use my phone I need it for my crime

Now I am mad and Boris rules the land

One fine day this man needs to be banned