Carers are undervalued What a surprise

A carer

To be a Carer in a Nursing Home is not an unskilled job Although that’s the way it looks when they get the minimum wage of £9 per hour

The job entails relating to older people.cIt involves communication skills perception and judgment.

The right words may help someone through the day or night and let them telax

The wrong ones can be very harmful

I suppose it may force some to seek further education or training courses but why do we put our relatives into places where the immense burden of care is carried by people who do not seem to be highly valued and respected nor reasonably well paid.

In some places they get no sick pay Do they get holiday pay?

Think about it

My heart is moved by patterned dance

Autumn’s come .wild geese fly by

Autumn rust,red,gold,so gay.

Drystone walls edging fields,

Apples gathered,holly berries

Flash so brightly

Look like flowers

Sun shines sideways,shadows long

Of trees appear I dwell among

Woods of gentle beeches sing

Swaying with the side-ward wind.

See their roots, all intertwined.

Feel their geometry in the mind.

Look up  now into the sky,

See the V formation high.

Geese fly home at    end of day.

My heart is moved by patterned dance

In this peace and great silence

My mind widens, like the sky

And in this moment I could die,

So I would stay with this still vision

Of geese set out on autumn mission.

Snails in rain pools slither near

My feet upon the terrace here

And look,upon their whorled backs

All the sense of life is packed.

And yet so easily Life’s destroyed,

When blind foot   steps into the void.



Icy times

I have got the lines mixed up

My photo changed with photo editor

I crossed the Pennine Hills as cold as glass

Not knowing of the death of Sylvia Plath,

Fall in love but do not lose your wits

Do not rush like swine into the muck

Find a truer path with love and luck

Time enough to wait till you are wed

Do no be in haste to go to bed

The Cuban Missile Crisis made us fear

The end of all the world was much too near.

Sylvia lost her life yet I am here

Her baby grabbed at women with long hair