The News Demented

For people with social anxiety,mathematicians on the autistic spectrum, agoraphobics etc it is a great relief to move into Tier 4 as the ground is very wet and wet paper is no used for trying to
understand how the ancient Hebews built Solomon’s Temple which needed a good approximation to the number we call pi
But where is my step ladder?How high is a Tier?

Just when we all stocked up with Xmas puddings for 25 relatives we are told we can’t have visitors
To think I’ll have to eat them all myself before the New Year or die in the attempt
Send some immodium please.

Boris Johnson is now known as The Pendulum or, for short, Clock-head or Dandelion
No doubt we can have all the neighbours and relatives over on Good Friday as the churches will be closed unti we find God or at least a message and a clue

Feeling blue? Why not have brandy with your Weetabix.But don’r ride a bike at the same time

On the autistic spectrum? Buy some sunglasses before you go to a party.
And most people have no interest in Wittgenstein, infinity,waves and particles, the meaning of life,Theology, poetry, modern music or art, what is uncountable, angels on pins,
Strictly Come Dancing,baking, having a new kitchen,new shoes,Nigella Lawson, new jokes,
whether to move house, people falling in the street, old people being dead for 2 weeks before the neighbours,gossip,slander, greed, sin in general and particular,lies you have told. your fantasy life, things you stole from the Office, your new phone.

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