Don’t drop everything

Art by Katherine using Microsoft Paint [ you can’t spill it

If someone  drops you a hint, never try to sweep it under the carpet
If they drop a clanger, ask what the weather forecast is  to help them recover their cool
If someone drops  you right into it, bury your head in the sands
I asked what postmodernism was and they dropped me from the Committee
I went red as my knickers dropped off in Church, Can I askfor a refund or replacement
I’m sorry I dropped off while you weren’t here for tea.Do “not come again” next week
I once dropped a baked ham and we had no carpet!
My hair was set on fire when a flame leaped out of the oven.I dropped my pretensions and called
for help using all the swear words you never see in a dictionary.To no avail.

Then I had to confess.I was born on the wrong side of the bed
Why have they dropped common sense from the curriculum.Oh, it was never in it.Say no more

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