How to raise your chance of a quick death

Photo by Julia Volk on

If you are afraid of a lingering death I have just found an answer!

Do more dangerous things like these below
Fly your own plane or just fly on any plane every week
Go swimming in places where there are dangerous currents in the sea
[This is often where a large river joins the sea such as The Wash,UK]
Drive a car before you take lessons.Go alone but the risk to others is unfair.
Just travel a lot in any way
Mix with angr, drunken people every night
Find a new partner with a very bad temper who likes cooking,Make sure there are lots of knives in the kitchen.Keep going in asking how soon dinner will be ready or where are your clean underpants

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on

The main problem is whether others will be injured.
Wait till you feel unwell then walk along a cliff top
Keep lots of animals and let them over-run your house
Snakes are one possibility

It seems odd to risk your life like this but it’s really saving you from years
in a hospital bed wearing a gown with a slit back and a candelebra in your hand
or is it a primula?
And who wants that?
Also this risky behaviour is a way of retaining control over your life and death
That is the paradox

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