The flood

After his slow death,I woke up sad
A hand was clutching tightly round my heart
The pain came, with the tears like Noah’s flood

But sometimes I wake up feeling calm and glad
I feel you are still here, but panic starts
When I remember that which made me sad


Unfeeling friends call long time mourners bad
As if they have got access to some chart
The pain came, with the tears few understood

Oh, get us to the Asylum,we are mad
You think that, but weeping heals the hurt
After his calm death,I woke up sad

Beware the dawn when you are feeling good
The heart and mind are numb, they seem remote
The pain returns, the tears will wet your bed

Here is his brown jacket, here his coat
I feel them with my hands, as tight my throat
After his sweet death,I woke up sad
The tears will flow forever in full flood

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