Jesus and the decimal

Why did Jesus walk on the road?
Because there was no water
Why did Jesus drink wine?

He forgot to turn it  into water.

Why did Jesus   have 12 apostles?
He  didn’t  know  the decimal system

Why  did he spend  40 days in the wildnerness?
Because he slept 40 nights there

Did he want a church?
No, he had a synagogue
Why was he killed?
The good die young

Passing through




Tomorrow I shall eat a big icecream
Brought to me by courier  when I choose
If I cannot get one I shall scream
Rather pointless, how about more booze?

I shall drink  more tea and read a book
I read Ted Hughes letters late at night
I finished Sylvia’s journals, I was hooked
Brilliant, sad, pathetic, what outsight

I read her letters,  how she worked  too hard
Even as a tiny  child she strove
How she longed for greatness and rewards
Starting on the tapestry, don’t go!

Harder still and harder,masochist
Will and nature cannot co-exist
Flowers open  when the bees swing past
Birds build nests but  never build too fast

We need to be in tune with our own world
Harmonise  our breathing with the waves
See the  little leaves as they uncurl
Forget   advice,  enjoy life  till the grave

Any moment is epiphany
Jesus  passes by  but we are blind
Though now and then we catch a  burning tree
When we are in rhythm  with  the Mind

Up the waves run on the   risen shore
Bringing  wild  signs from  the ocean floor
Grit and pearls  and love we won’t ignore
Wise the whale  and wise the open door


I can’t take no more

Hepatica-okesabayashi-2020 (1)He was studying  love and ethics
He was looking for a  bride
He went to Greece  in his best fleece
Is that suicide?

Then he studied English
But only from a book
He went in town  in study brown
How do you think he looked?

Growing more impatient
He went  for therapy
He went abroad  still feeling flawed
Why can’t he just be?

I lent him all my novels
I lent him Dresden Green
He couldn’t read, his heart would bleed
What  ghost has he seen?

I took  him  in my bedroom
I’m backward but so kind
When I was nude, he was so rude
I  wished that he were blind

So in the end I left him
I can’t take no more
He seemed a catch, but I’m no match
So new locks on the door


What else can I say?

I can’t come any further
With love we said goodbye
I wish I was beside you now,
But only angels fly

I remember Xmas
You wanted chocolate from the tree
You climbed up the piano
Then fell and hurt your knee

You ran away and left me
On the way to school
I was run down by a bicycle
Children are so cruel

We cycled up to Arnside
We saw the Langdale Pikes
We saw the sands of Morecambe Bay
How we loved our bikes

We  didn’t go to Hazelslack
We didn’t have the time
We cherished the sweet memories
A holiday sublime

You asked me to come fishing
You hated being alone
I caught a fish and dropped it
Then we took the bus back home

Oh, brother dear, you lie alone 
In the Covid Ward
I know you will be suffering
This hits me very hard

Even worse for your dear wife
She gave you children five
She’s  cared for you for many years
Now she weeps  from the outside

Nobody can see you  now
Three months and a day
I once adored my brother 
What else can I say?