Reason was  no aid in that dead wood

I walked,I stumbled where I’d never been
No friend nor ally  guided me  nor could
In the  mesmerising  agony of grief

Wandering like an outcast ,  never queen
Reason was  no aid in that dead wood
I wandered  through the shadows of my  dreams

I felt the ground beneath me swirl and seethe
As if to kill me too or spill my blood
In the desolate place  of  darkness deep 

Rosemary,remembrance, flowering wreaths
Inside the  human heart  will mercy   flood?
I wandered  where to love would be obscene

But in the arctic wastes , surprised by  good
In late winter trees will start bud
I wandered  on until my heart revived
From that place of peril came new life

I don’t think I’m sinful all the time

I want a Cornish pasty for my tea
I said  a prayer  so Jesus answered me
He  told me I am greedy and unkind
I should  be more humble and  unwind

Well,I don’t think I’m sinful all the time
And legally sin may not be a crime
I  stole a rhyming dictionary once
It knew less than I, oh rhyming dunce

I try to be polite  twice every day
I only sleep with men  if they are fey
I  apologise  for years  if I do wrong
I help the world by humming Cohen’s songs

Can we change  by acting  like we’re good
God   might lose his head and send  a Flood

They could not wear bikinis on hot sands

In the Jewish ghettos and Death Camps
Did Jews complain they  had no holidays?
They could not wear bikinis on  hot sands
Nor did they ask for somewhere they could pray

We can’t go to Spain  nor Singapore
We must stay  near home,oh  such dismay
I ache so for the poor in tower  blocks
Where violence and harsh words  erupt each day

We can get our food if we have friends
We can read  or write or even pray
Why  complain, the poor  bear heavier loads
Will we be sympathetic on such dreadful days

Our sadly narrow views  don’t serve us well
When other people  in  confinement dwell