How I stand on air

I am fortunate
If I find  any two gloves
One left and one right

The other problem
My hands are misshapen too
Ladies’ gloves might not fit me.

I can be a man
If I decide I want to be
There! I wear your gloves now.

But I prefer scarves
Made for women, with flowers

My taste is quite good
I know  I like your image
You stand on the bridge in Prague

In Wenceslaus Square
The orchestra played Ma Vlast
The Elektion

Holocaust Museum
Children’s coloured drawings are
Butterflies for God

He died too with them
So we have no  floor to stand on
Everything’s trembling

I forgot I am.
I was lost somewhere other
How do I stand on air?

God once hissed

Ice cream,burgers,pancakes pizza,swell
Deliveroo brings succour, if you ask
What to eat in Lockdown, Jezabel?

What did Adam look like when he fell
No nurse,no Urgent Care, no breathing mask?
Just ice cream,burgers,pancakes  bloody hell

Elijah  climbed a mountain,man impelled
Who cared for him, who fed him at great risk?
What to eat in Lockdown, Jezabel?

The angry Queen  pursued him,wished to kill
In high Caves he loitered, that’s the gist
No ice cream,burgers,pancakes, who  fried hell?

He heard a little whisper on  this Hill
What do you here,Elijah, God had hissed
What to say in breakdown,  who can tell?

Snaking   round the hilltop feeling pissed
From the peak we see what we have missed
Ice cream,burgers,pancakes, snails with shells
Where to  sleep ,whose arms will be my cell?

Choose your own

Corned beef and banana  balls with tamed rice
Roast egg yolks in batter with pure peas
Burnt bacon and  boiled beans on mashed potatoes
Lamb’s tongues on  the Oxford English Dictionary [page 45]
Pike and tinned carrots in gravy
Half a dictionary roasted  on olives and macaroni
The other half  made into a  collage with my thesis  and brandy butter
Father Xmas  on Ice with Creamed Minced Pi and Temple

For love  seeks not to prey

Soft corns,blisters,hard corns and toe nails
Ankle socks and stockings, tights and  boots
Cover up the wounds with dressings white
Put  your feet up, rest  by  doing nought

Skin so thin it frightens me  to think
All I am  finds boundary just here
Yet our heart and soul can  contain  more
Spreading like a shawl on loved ones dear

We cast our love like fishers cast their  rods
Not too sure  of what will take the bait
A   simile  so poor I blush bright pink
For love  seeks not to prey but rather waits

Across the entire world the hate runs wild
 Bleach your brain , don’t poison  with  your smile

Choose the form 

On Saturday I read the book reviews
The day feels calm and still, we  get up late
I sometimes catch my breath and hear the News
War past War, past War, but not past Hate

I read how civilised is modern man
See the architects’ designs illuminate
See Cathedrals.Synagogues, new plans
Mosques and little Chapels consecrate

Yet offending other Peoples is innate
Like children stealing toys and throwing stones
Through what maze do adults reach that state
Where order,frames and boundaries are known?

Free verse, sonnets,nonsense villanelles
Choose the form  and then  begin to tell