Was it Beaumont Street.St Giles or Tennessee?

Soon I came back to the world of men
Give me a banana,I’m your hon.

I came back into England from the sky
God don’t want my body, just my eye

I    fell upside down and hit the road
I feel  sorry for that flattened toad

I saw a fast car  coming straight at me
Was it Beaumont Street.St Giles or Tennessee?

My bike was old but  nothing one would note
Until the tourist’s car came by and smote

The driver fled before the police could act
In one way, that showed a certain tact

St Giles is far too wide for any town
Can I have my head back when it’s down?

We’re in a film we are not real at all
Is that a consequence of Adam’s Fall?

I went  into the Radcliffe for a check
My whole body seemed as blue as black

I did not feel afraid up in the sky
If I die, oh if I die, please cry


Lying on a trolley, feeling Zen

Cycling in the dark  one Friday night 
Down St Giles, deserted without lights
On my way to  rehearse with my church  choir
I never got through  Oxford, struck by liars

A car was coming at enormous speed
Is this to be my end, that tourist’s dream?
Time slowed down,I  went up very slow
This world  a film,a construct, down below

I fell as slowly as I’d risen  up
Till I landed on my head,my jacket ripped
Yes, you really do see stars,I told myself
Not a metaphor, the shocking truth

Then I was inside the film again
Lying on a trolley, feeling Zen