I still see a  shadow of the sun

I  see a little globe, the winter sun
Setting into softness  like pink down
As if a gentle wind makes sunset come

The watercolour  mauve has overrun
Wishing to make light  of winter’s frown
I can see how  winter  hurts the sun

Overhead  it’s soft grey tinged with plum
This is no  fit garment for a clown
But  gentle winter winds made sunset come

A  planetary  blueness makes  this dome
As if a verb is subtly changed to noun
I can see how  night clouds flirt with sun

All the pink is falling,falling ,gone
The sun is left a monarch with no crown
As if a low dark wind made nightfall come

My heart is watered as the colours run
Combining, dying, falling, night has won
I still see a  shadow of the sun
Now   the work  of  wind  is  over, done

He said he  never wanted to be me again.



Collared-Doves-2020-1Well,you weren’t  so ugly when we got married.
I never said  anything about men’s chests.I was playing  with Chess men
I wonder why  I am so inferior.There’s always one thing I can’t do brilliantly
Yes,I do love you but only in the dark.The Wedding was a terrible shock,seeing you in a dress.
I never criticised you.Why are you so paranoid?
He said he  never wanted to be me again.
He  loves me when I go away; when I come back he is furious,What’s  not going on ?
My mother told me I was not like other people.Which other people?
I wanted to be a doctor once, but dissection was easier in mathematics
His hands ran all over my body like mice  chased by a tiger
He said I was so beautiful he was frightened I might  get married before he was 18.
Why am I so jealous of my twister?
I love her and I miss her.
My aim  is bad but is it immoral?
We can’t all be bottom of the class.
I learned to talk at home with no lessons.Free apart from poor mother’s milk.
I stood up and went to the window.They all shouted: she’s walking
What a pity Dad didn’t stay alive as I liked riding on his shoulder
Where is Dad,Mum?
I hope I’ll see him one day

I didn’t say your eyes looked calculating

I am so sorry I was rude to you.You remind me of Stalin,but it’s not your fault
No offence intended.When I intend it , it is much more severe.
I  regret being unemployed.I do love you but 24 hours is too long.You could get a job
Give me some peace.Emigrate. 
I never said I loved you except when I was high
I know cooking is hard work but I am  an MP
I didn’t say your eyes looked calculating.I said I was calculating how to keep up    spending when I lose my seat
No,I’m Morris Johnson
How should I know how many children I have? Babies can’t talk
Are you Michael Gove? I really  regret meeting you.
What does Gove mean?

In green thoughts I dwell.

Small rain in summer
Pools on large green leaves,
Makes all birds dumber
Silently they weave.
Wrens fly to and fro
Nesting near the house.
They know where to go
With nestlings and spouse.
Simple life of green
Hiding in lush leaves.
A space to be unseen
Humans only grieve.
Where is our safe space?
Where can we live well?
As anguish veils the face
In green thoughts I dwell.

A and E and Kafka



img_20191122_203051I had to got to hospital today.Getting out of A and E into the street was like   something
from Kafka.”Use other door”  when there is none.Finding an Exit with 2 sets of doors.The first ok the 2nd both locked.And all deserted…. eerie.
Getting into a cab was also hard as the injury is on my foot.Still aftee so many weeks of Lockdown it made a change.I decided not to get a drinks

The pain seems worse now ; the nurse admitted it’s hard to treat foot injuries.But  it t takes my mind off the other pains.Like  rolling in nettles  which Romans used to do