He said he  never wanted to be me again.



Collared-Doves-2020-1Well,you weren’t  so ugly when we got married.
I never said  anything about men’s chests.I was playing  with Chess men
I wonder why  I am so inferior.There’s always one thing I can’t do brilliantly
Yes,I do love you but only in the dark.The Wedding was a terrible shock,seeing you in a dress.
I never criticised you.Why are you so paranoid?
He said he  never wanted to be me again.
He  loves me when I go away; when I come back he is furious,What’s  not going on ?
My mother told me I was not like other people.Which other people?
I wanted to be a doctor once, but dissection was easier in mathematics
His hands ran all over my body like mice  chased by a tiger
He said I was so beautiful he was frightened I might  get married before he was 18.
Why am I so jealous of my twister?
I love her and I miss her.
My aim  is bad but is it immoral?
We can’t all be bottom of the class.
I learned to talk at home with no lessons.Free apart from poor mother’s milk.
I stood up and went to the window.They all shouted: she’s walking
What a pity Dad didn’t stay alive as I liked riding on his shoulder
Where is Dad,Mum?
I hope I’ll see him one day

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