Smokey Essex cornfields, insects’ pyres

While my husband kissed me in our bed
Our cat would  lounge on top and lick his head
No matter what gyrations that cat saw
All he did was pat us with his paws
The happy days of learning,  how  love feels
How to entertain with spicy meals
Of walking by warm rivers hand in hand
Watching coots and moorhens ,washing pans
Buying an old kettle in a Sale
Driving  out to Ongar ,stubble fires
Smokey Essex cornfields, insects’ pyres
Driving  down the Saxon Cliffs at Hythe
Soft teal Sea,Capel le Ferne, men’s eyes
Happy  in a cottage in the wilds
Singing with the  birds, we walked for miles
Kersey where the ducks bathe in the street
Kissing in the hedges, oh my Sweet
Getting  our own garden, growing beans
Growing spinach, lettuce and snap peas
Picking  our blackcurrants, making tea
Making jam from raspberries what glee
This proves that when you marry   love won’t end
Cooking  dinners  talking with our friends
Wearing jeans and  hair so long it flowed
My husband liked to brush it till it glowed
I dream some nights my hair is still like that
And how  the cat slept with his paws in it
How his father died and mother grieved
Life is joy and pain  and knotted love
On we went, that love  was what we grew
Though anger  did rise up and strain the glue
First the cat died, then my man went too
I will not sleep with  ghosts   when I love you

Cultivate our Gardens

After all the fighting, the enemies bad words
Brexit is forgotten; people.  friends to keep
They   get prescriptions,  offer all they have
This  the time that Love  lit up our street

They pay for others’ parcels, they’re discreet
They fill an old man’s freezer with new meals
They encourage our own  nurses working on
They  acknowledge this world is  both   good and real

I can’t  go out, my hair is   like sea fronds
My trousers are too big, will they fall down?
My eyes are brimming,full of happy tears
My teeth are broken but I cannot frown

Will this love and kindness last for  long?
We’ll cultivate  our  Gardens, work as one


No more mobile groans

A wren

The doctor has a website, we cannot use the phone
I broke two teeth and now I have
No more mobile groans

The doctor   has a website, it asks me to call back
I rang the surgery, they told me
The  doctor’s  mood is black

The doctor has a website, it’s mostly coloured blue
It looks  just  oh so charming
But it can’t speak to you

The doctor bought the software ,she bought the hardware too
How they are connected
I can’t describe to you

The doctor’s very learned, she went to school for years
She got a big diploma
She’s also full of care

The doctor is so gentle, but people are  real rude
She may be a Muslim
Or she may be a Jew

The doctor  gave me tablets but I can’t   get the BBC
I want to get the iPlayer
Will penicillin do?

The doctor  took my sample, she sent it to  a Lab
I’ve got kidney trouble
I sometimes feel quite bad

Now  my jaw is swollen, I broke my two back teeth
I pay the denists thousands
Do I need  to buy a wreath?

I guess I’m not desirable to the Holy Ghost
I used to seee him everywhe
But I don’t want to boast

I saw a big black shadow but not on my Xray
I think it might be Satan
I don’t want to say

And bless

From Ausschwitz rose not only leaking gas
But also  ash from Jews and recent dead
But  rose the holy souls  of those who  had just passed

In the  great Cathedrals  priests said Mass
Turned the host  to Jesus , ate  the Bread
From Auschwitz rose not only leaking gas 

What use is worship, prayer,  can the good last?
What can Christian minds do when we’re mad ?
Oh,see  the holy souls   weep as they pass

Bodies piled in heaps  no human trust
Jesus needs  salvation ,God is dead
In Auschwitz   human beings  gassed ,now dust

Eat your dinner,Daddy,   keep abreast
You worked hard , a Nazi,  gas,  fire, blood
The holy souls fly on, they find no rest

We think that we are better  than a God
For he permitted sin, Job understood
From Auschwitz rose not only  smoke and gas
But holy  souls oh,  find their bones and bless