Found food in bed



photo of clown holding tambourine
Photo by Nishant Aneja on a


Sausages from trash
 Guttered Eggs 
Road hog on green bread
Mein mutter Eggs 
Scraped weetabix on bed of wooden pegs and lice


Over-ripe peaches stuck in throat
Swallowed a button inside a salmon steak.Two for one.
Tried to thread needle while standing on   own head
Fell out of bed onto a sharp wife
Dreamed was being buried so died of shock
Asked for cremation owing to drug habits.Died when in urn or before

Save money.Be buried alive…. join now.

Thin black man

Yiou touched my heart,delivering my parcels
Thin black man from Trinidad
Not smug and conceited in a grey suit
Still polite because your ancestors were slaves
Who could be kicked or even killed
Yet in you it seems a virtue
Creating space for grace
Or for evil.
I’d like to hold your arm and talk
But you’re running off
More deliveries
Good you have a job
Hope all goes well for you
Smiling face like God on day release
From power



It seemed a good idea at the time

 I studied numbers,sequences and rhymes
Connections,patterns in between the lines
It seemed a good idea at the time

 Unfortunately,  with study, we use mime
We see   beneath the surface to the crimes
I studied numbers,sequences and rhymes

Whenever  I was found, I  took the  blame
 The clock gave  more than twenty thousand chimes
Life seemed a good idea all the time

Humiliation, sadism,torture,fame
We share the blasphemy  that God will smile
Life seemed a good idea at the time

How the world is full  of rebuffs yet  beguiles
Enough,I’ll give it one more finite trial
I studied numbers,sequences and lies
I joined the Secret Service,I’m a spy