Blue the sky

The  sea shore blue of  operatic sky
Turned to navy then to darkest grey
Dark trees  despise the mysteries of light

The holly has its depth unknown to eye
Hiding fragile wrens  from birds of  prey
The  cerulean blue of soothing sky

And in my room upon my bed I try
What words would come,what humour could you say
Oh trees  held in the mysteries of light?

The words won’t  come,unspeakable the sigh
The weeping  of the sick, the donkey’s bray
Depression of Van Gogh. the lowering  sky

Oh,mother, why must newborn  babies cry?
The Lord ignores, the sheep flee as I pray
The  trees   hold in the mysteries of light

I meet your eye,I’m feeling drawn and grey
You want my love,I fear the  last  mistake
In sinking blue of  dawn and  passive sky
The  trees  despise the virus and the lies




I gave up history for cretins


Paeonia-suffruticosaI wanted mustard not custard on the pork
I said  please write to Fred,not  he is dead
I said double cream,not devils scream
I said he wants butter not he’s a nutter
I said IOU, not loving is taboo
Her new dress is pure milk
Her collages are a fright to withold

Can I handwash my brows?
A new tooth brush is a goodbye
What’s the latest on Horace?
We studied Freaks and Nomads at school
I gave up history  for cretins
He missed out on statins

Transmigration is  hard to get  the rites for
Five million  contortions a year
He  died in the  glue athletics
It’s all academic
I failed Geography  for Dummies
All my food was poached on her
Am I a spy? Don’t tell a lie!

Be God in colour




Who saw the bricks fall?
 Who awed clicked and bawled?
No more to gnaw

You are a complete idiot
You stare at my widgets

Broke budget

You showed me an atlas
Esau see,Sodom was
Because, because

I love reading the bible
I was here for her arrival
Got stifled

You are the best wife I’ve had
Swear an oath then be God
Not in that  flood

I love you more than the cat
I have just floored my flat

Of course I love you,dear
Uproar  above your fear
Can you steer?

I have no  hard suit case
Lust muted ,bar taste
Can’t be embraced

He was once  was my lover
Was too much bother
Got another

Boris Johnson is known
Morris dancing on a phone
He might  well groan

I loved cellos and men
Hello, yes I can