Be God in colour




Who saw the bricks fall?
 Who awed clicked and bawled?
No more to gnaw

You are a complete idiot
You stare at my widgets

Broke budget

You showed me an atlas
Esau see,Sodom was
Because, because

I love reading the bible
I was here for her arrival
Got stifled

You are the best wife I’ve had
Swear an oath then be God
Not in that  flood

I love you more than the cat
I have just floored my flat

Of course I love you,dear
Uproar  above your fear
Can you steer?

I have no  hard suit case
Lust muted ,bar taste
Can’t be embraced

He was once  was my lover
Was too much bother
Got another

Boris Johnson is known
Morris dancing on a phone
He might  well groan

I loved cellos and men
Hello, yes I can


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