I can’t take no more

Hepatica-okesabayashi-2020 (1)He was studying  love and ethics
He was looking for a  bride
He went to Greece  in his best fleece
Is that suicide?

Then he studied English
But only from a book
He went in town  in study brown
How do you think he looked?

Growing more impatient
He went  for therapy
He went abroad  still feeling flawed
Why can’t he just be?

I lent him all my novels
I lent him Dresden Green
He couldn’t read, his heart would bleed
What  ghost has he seen?

I took  him  in my bedroom
I’m backward but so kind
When I was nude, he was so rude
I  wished that he were blind

So in the end I left him
I can’t take no more
He seemed a catch, but I’m no match
So new locks on the door


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