Post modern madness


London Town’s in a nutshell,England, in full stops,

Forty, he liked Wittgenstein, as he was miles from Oxford’s Spires.

The river ,Russell’s life is, so,empty
Thames flows through them all
and, I’m not sure which I like more,
He had litttle heart,except the one
Embroidered on his sleeve
What kept him circulating ?
Which makes sense ,Wittgenstein was true
to himself,a very cold person or in
London Town is,Wittgenstein suffered, covered
By miles,emotional and mental pain,miles of road.
One of,he fought in W.W.1,these is,a good
account of, the M40 in the library,
and if that one failed ,he gave away
His wealth,the way you don’t,
You may say,he did not kill anyone.
Degrees,of torture inflicted on detainees,
Degrees bestowed in ancient halls of learning.
Westminster’s part of the same syndrome
[ My son has been killed in Afghanistan.]
He was made,to stand in ice cold water.Oh, Lord,
By good,Good News for Terrorists.Three Men.
So now he is,The Pied Piper,
Someone,different,a Someone.
Was the Bible all Good News?
And  in the n3xt next life,Pied Beauty is my favourite, poem
He is moving poems on greased wheels to meet Sylvia Plath
To a huge extent ,he did write but was not published,
And exciting gathering kinda data,.
He is going to get,after death, a Ph.D,
For driving,Jesuits madi
We did not realise how,
Tony was up the Tree
Was he waiting for the Crucifixion?Too late ,alas.
Mandelson’s knot is untwisted,
Bothering Wittgenstein and Hopkins
Two suffering men who wrote.
Can I mention the simplicityof Yeats too?
But is it Art,
All other things apart?

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