Don’t try


The title may sound odd  especially to a Westerner.All our childhood we are exhorted to work harder at school.

Could try harder

is a phrase written on many children’s  school reports.Wasn’t it horrible getting those reports.I once got,Fairly good at times,for my art report…:)

However “trying” is often an attempt to do something the wrong way.We can’t do everything by willpower.All we can do is to be attentive.And relaxing helps with this and also with depression which many creative people suffer from.They think it is neccessary to suffer,but is it?Try the relaxation methods below or listen to music.Ideas will flow in  by themselves after you do this.I find it helps me.Also I find accepting depression may lead us to learning any lessons that out unconscious is sending to us.Depression makes us stop and learn.

I welcome comments and criticism

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