Kinesiophobia in the mind

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When I was writing the last post I assumed kinesiophobia was fear of physical movement or travelling but maybe it could also mean fear of changing our minds and looking at things from alternative perspectives.If you have  not lived in different cultures even as  simple  a move as going from a working class home to a University may cause great anxiety. Changing your religious or political  belief or even knowing that someone else has especially if it’s someone close to you is a major step.I know several people who still practise Catholicism but do not believe any of its creeds.But to formally give them up might be too big a step.Conversely,it would be even harder in some circles to move from atheism to religious belief in the sense  that you might be mocked.This odd because there is no scientific reason against belief in God.

Ironically it was  being made to study theology at school which was a watered down version of Aquinas  that made me have doubts.I thought,so they are not sure.. and the head mistress was not tolerant of discussion.My attempts brought me into conflict and led me into  mental pain eventually..

I suppose we need some movement in our ideas and our assumptions but not too much or we lose our footing.Sometimes we must hide it which is what I should have done when I was still at this convent school.

People who try to convert others  like evangelical Christians or  excessively  left wing/right wing  political groups should realise the  dangers of  asking people  to make  a giant leap of faith

4 thoughts on “Kinesiophobia in the mind

  1. In truth, dear Catherine, the Human is always fearful before changes… although in words he may say exactly the opposite!
    Maybe there are, but a few, really daredevils who make and unmake at will…
    Many prefer the habits, even if these are fundamentally wrong and maybe even harmful (use and abuse of substances), rather than risk “breaking” an habit that then becomes an excuse for not making the change.
    With the theosophical and religious issues… the topic is terribly large.
    I am a Roman Catholic, when I reached adulthood I started to “explore” other beliefs, traveling the world. At 30, I was attracted in such a visceral way by the Buddhist philosophy which taught me the true dogmas and gave the hope to achieve the real purpose of my presence on this planet.
    But I still belive that our Lord Jesus is a great Boddhisatwa… A very long story…
    😉 claudine

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    1. Thank you so much for that very helpful and instructive comment.As we are animals we probably have strong urge to stay in our own territory but being human we also like to explore


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