Be hopeful

Kinesophobia’s hard to measure;

Deprives   the sufferer of fine leisure

They cannot travel in the bus

For fear their nerves will make a fuss.


Trapped inside a moving car

Hardly knowing where we  are.

Do we trust the driver’s hands?

Dare we give some kind commands?


Others suffer when at sea

They drink gin for safety.

It’s all about control and trust.

Probably from our  very own past.


The breakdown that we fear may come

Has already  visited and gone.

We project our past into tomorrow

Which  blights  our soul  with  fearful  sorrow.


All of life can give us pain

Don’t add more by worrying.

We’re often stronger than we think

Hey,who has stolen my hard drink?


It’s  so easy to offer wise advice

If we’ve not been in that same  place.

Acknowledge,listen,then accept.

Grace may come to us direct.










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