How fascinating

ADHD can be easily diagnosed. Anybody who is alive in an industrialised country has got this disorder.

If your autistic spectrum disorder makes you afraid of looking into people’s eyes that will be very good if you live in London because you willl meet hundreds of people on the underground everyday. If you met all those eyes you would go mad m

If you are very quiet and introverted it’s a good thing you know society because you never know when the intelligence services are listening to your phone calls and even pretending to be your friends so you will talk to them. Don’t mention quantum mechanics I can’t even find a car mechanic.

If you are impotent at least you won’t get a sexually transmitted disease.

If you lose your voice at least no one will tape you talking to your Muslim neighbour when you want one of their recipes. For food

Never talk with free floatiyng attention but do listen that way

Don’t look with free floating attention because it makes you look shifty and you’re more likely to be stopped and searched especially when you don’t know what you are doing but just watching things freely floating by.

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