Opinion | Prolonged Grief: A Mental Disorder, or a Natural Process? – The New York Times


I’m sure many people have suffered from bereavement even when they are quite young. Maybe when you are still working and you have colleagues and friends it helps you to overcome the grief. But what about how long we are allowed to grieve before we are told we are mentally ill if we have not recovered in 6 months or here

And can you recover from grief? Depends on the person and how long have you known them;if you were married for 40 years then it will take a long time to build a new life.

I don’t think you recover from grief but if you are fortunate you can learn to live with it.

It’s more painful when people close to you criticise you and say you should be over it.

Surely it’s not a moral evil to grieve for longer than some people expect you to

Nor is it  sadistic. We are not wilfully inflicting pain on those around us because we can’t hide the sadness in our hearts

Why can’t we accept sorrow is a valid part of life?

I wonder if it’s hard nowadays to believe that other people are as real as we are and the way that they are feeling is not aimed at making us uncomfortable this is simply a natural condition of life at certain times. It is we who are being sadistic when we criticise people for being sad

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