How to make yourself better in health and mind.

Some recent discoveries might help you you with getting older feeling depressed or being excessively bored

If you live in a house which is old and the wiring is old don’t worry about getting electric shocks because it’s been proved that getting mild electric shocks can make it less likely for you to develop dementia. You will just have to hope that the shock you get from your ancient wiring it’s not enough to do you serious harm.

If you survive congratulate yourself because your brain is now less likely to deteriorate.

You remember the quotation

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I don’t know to whom as a tribute

Next, we know that children who grow up on farms have a better immune system than children raised in town So it would it be a good idea to let your home become rather dirty

I remember in Thomas Hardy s novel Far from the madding crowd that a man drops his sandwich on the floor of the public house then picks it up up.and eats it saying

It’s only clean dirt

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