Feet in sea edge

In a cotton dress by Morecambe Bay
On Arnside’s little beach below the Knott
I stand  where sea and sand on my feet play

My feet  enjoy the water, ripples,rays
I remember this, the waters fret
In a cotton dress in Morecambe Bay

We see the Barrow Train, the River flows
Feel the pebbles  slippery,cool and wet
I stand  where sea and sand on my feet play

As the sun sank,  Grange and Cartmel glowed
The Priory’s ruins  paid  all beauty’s debt
I love my dress, in sun, in Morecambe Bay

My bony feet look thin, the water sways
I wish I could dissolve,skin  holds me back
I stand  where sea and sand on my feet play

Moments of great beauty guard the track
We may forget the sea shells splintered wrack.
In a cotton dress my mother made
I loved  where sea and sand on my feet played




2 thoughts on “Feet in sea edge

  1. Very, very nice Katherine. Why I don’t know, some women object to the word “sweet.” But I think this poem is sweet, and that is a fine compliment.. I hope you are well, staying safe. We are well, as are our children and their children. Very hot here–100 degrees.

    1. I think certain kinds of feminism have had a bad effect on men and women.I think we should not be worried anout PC.Thank you very much for your comment.I always value what you say.It’s noce here about 74 deg.Glad you are aall well.Katherine

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