Are handkerchiefs outdated?

We’re always going to need something to wipe our noses with but must it be a tissue?

Yes it must be a disposable tissue when we are suffering from colds,flu or covid-19

Carrying around the piece of cloth impregnatedwith germs is going to bring back the pandemic.

If you just like having something in your pocket to clean your spectacles with or if you wipe your nose when you don’t have a cold then by all means use a cotton hanky

Howeverpaper tissues are expensive. Paper is made from trees we may not like the fact that we are causing more trees to be cut down.

You can get disposable hankies made from bamboo which may be a bit stronger than paper tissues . I have not yet started to find out more information about bamboo

What is bothering many people now is their budget during this time of very high inflation so if we can cut down on anything that we spend money on it will give us more money to bespend on food or heating

It will be a good idea for us tobrealise that if we don’t get colds then we won’t need as many paper tissues.

So washinghands very frequently wearing a mask when shopping or in places where we might give or receive infections to others following the rules that we have during the pandemic

Keeping warm in winter hard as it might be is important. So is eating a balanced diet which might be difficult when the fruit and vegetables become more expensive not to mention eggs. Some people use frozen produce rather than fresh because it’s more economical that will not apply to lettuces

I have yet to see a packet of frozen lettuce. And I hope I never will but for something like spinach, peas and beans you won’t have to throw me away if they are in the freezer already.

Keeping our anxiety under control will save energy and strengthen our immune system.

Being happy makes it immune system stronger. You might think it’s impossible to be happy at the moment have we tried? Havebwe be vthought about it?

09 at least we should not ruminate about it. Don’t sit anr brood over possible things that might happen to you.

If you can walk be grateful and go for a walk and look at the tree and the flowers however little money you have. Going on the foreign holiday is not a human right. 0 and if you can’t do this please ask for help from somebody.

I welcome comments and criticism

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