My journey in the ambulance car

To get to the hospital about 4 miles away in hospital transport and to return home again go in there transport I was driven about 19 miles or more in order to pick up another person who had ordered transport.

And then we how to proceed to the hospital. In total I spent 1-hour and 47 minutes in an ambulance car.

Perhaps I should mention that in the middle of the journey towards the hospital which/ about 50 minutes my phone rang and a woman said that my appointment at the hospital has been cancelled.

The driver could not turn back because he had to pick up a man so I had a company then to the hospital so I think it was about 1 hour and 20 minutes from when I was picked out when I arrived at the hospital which was about 4 miles away if going by a direct route.

What I asked the driver have you had any water he said no but he offered me an almost empty can of something that was labelled red bull beer although I do not think this is beer but I don’t know so I drank some of it fortunately it was nearly empty.

My friend had arrange

Edto meet me at the hospital but when I didn’t arrive for my appointment she asked the receptionist what has happened to me because she had heard me getting into the ambulance because she was on the phone to me when it’s arrived

They told her that my appointment has been cancelled they asked her where I was and she said well she must be in the ambulance unless they’ve crashed and she’s in a hospital in A and E oh she has been kidnapped etc

That was when they phoned me. It was a hot day and it was very uncomfortable.

I won’t tell you anymore in case it distresses you. I will just say that the man who brought me back could not be praised more highly. I was sharing the others with 2 elderly women each with an ill or disabled son and it was very moving to see such people people.

1 I was very tired when I got back. The government trying to turn us against the NHS? Have you had appointments cancelled the same day or the day before an appointment for which you’ve been waiting? Can you afford private medicine now that you’re old and no longer working. I suppose there are some jobs might be able to do but at the moment I can’t think of any that will bring enough money to pay for private medicine. I’m already paying for the dentist but because of lockdown I’ve only just been able to go to the dentist since the pandemic started and I’ve got a feeling that some of my teeth might need removing.

Still it will be a morning out and the dentist is very good.

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