Mumbled and jumbled

Sorry I can’t answer the phone

I am in Treeged
I am in Spired
I am in Domitable
I am in Attentive
I am in Doors
I have been fired and can’t afford to speak
Stop ringing me up.I am dead.
Stop asking me about that accident last week.It was deliberate
Stop asking me to give you a cigarette.I only know the missionary position:Jesus never smoked.
I do not want to become a Christian.I don’t believe in conversion.
Stop asking if I accept my sins are forgiven.I want to suffer guilt if I do wrong.
Stop telling me Jesus was the Messiah.I don’t believe in believing
I am an unorthodox Jew so I do odd things like watching burning bushes and writing on my Tablet.I have now got a new commmandment
Do not ill treat immigrants or people you wrongly call immigrants.After all one might be the Messiah or Satan.Or me or you one day

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