7 Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Stop Spiraling into Despair


If you try to avoid your feelings, they will get more intense, said Melanie Harned, a psychologist with the VA Puget Sound Health Care System and the author of “Treating Trauma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.” When you’re emotionally affected by a news story, take a moment to notice what you’re thinking, doing and feeling in your body. Choose what would be most helpful in the moment — whether that’s creating a window to feel your emotions for a few minutes, without trying to change them, or, if you’re in the middle of a pressing task, plan to revisit painful news at a time you can grieve.

One way to improve your ability to sit with emotions is to remember that they can quickly fluctuate. An exercise that helps my clients to stop worrying about getting stuck in their feelings is to watch several br

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