By Katherine

My friend did not like algebra

She did not like the letters

When she wrote in capitals teacher said that’s wrong.

And when she felt like humming she hummed a little song

The teacher said it’s very rude

To sing before your betters 

I don’t mind if they sing first my friend said with a smile

I think you did not interpret me the way that I intended.

Yet mother often used to say least said is soonest mended.

Oh do say more the child cried out, go an extra mile.

The teacher soon got very shy her face was red as beet.

She asked herself what have I done this child has won the match.

Be quiet she called I heard the news and I know there’s a catch.

Rishi Sunak won the draw and I think he’s quite neat 

The headmaster was passing by walking on his feet.

 He turned his head and looked right in the children all turned pale

it’s very hot today he cried

 How would you like some ale?

When he looked into the room he saw a flock of sheep.

Oh mother Mary Jesus Christ am I going mad?

The picture on the wall glared  down, a ram came to the door

but when he trying to look again  he counted 44

He fell upon his knees and prayed, the sheep called,

Kiss off,Dad 

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